Industries We Serve

We serve a variety of fully insured and self-funded for-profit clients; however, due to their unique needs, we attract some specialty employers. We have extensive experience with labor unions, non-profit organizations and national church groups that makes us uniquely qualified to work with these types of organizations.

Taft-Hartley Union Plans

Delivering benefits within a collective bargaining arrangement can be a delicate balancing act. We have a proven track record in reducing Taft-Harley Trust Fund-related medical plan costs by implementing proactive cost-saving programs. We know how to navigate the nuances and unique challenges that exist within this environment, and we represent all parties objectively to serve the plan.

Non-Profit Organizations

We understand the complexities of non-profit organizations. We have extensive experience working with non-profits, including charitable groups and organizations specializing in patient care. We'll work within your budget to deliver successful plans and programs that support your challenging financial and human capital objectives.

National Church

We have specialized experience in meeting the diverse needs of nationwide organized congregations and church groups. We’ll partner with you to put proper benefits in place to meet your members’ needs and help you to administer these programs nationwide.

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