Renewal Negotiation

DMA negotiates $60,000 in renewal savings for labor union group.

Client Profile

Statewide labor union group in Colorado.


The Board of Trustees for the labor union plan was not happy with its consultant’s results in negotiating their renewals. After receiving rate increases on its medical and dental plans year after year, the Board sought out a broker who would truly advocate for the plan. The client selected us to proactively review its renewal calculations and aggressively negotiate renewals.


Every year, we thoroughly review renewals on behalf of our clients. We use intelligence from our claims review and the client’s history to negotiate the best rates with the insurance companies. When a client’s claims experience justifies an increase, we work to minimize the impact. We consider alternatives, multi-year rates, and our client’s budget to deliver the best plans at the lowest cost.


We negotiated rate reductions and renewal percentage decreases for the medical and dental plans, which resulted in $60,000 in savings. In addition, we were able to lock in the lower dental rates for three years.